Do You Need a Permit for a Dumpster in Your City?

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In this post, our aim is provide as much information on the subject of ‘do you need a permit for a dumpster in your city?’ around the seven cities of the Hampton Roads, VA area as we could find and present it in one convenient location.

Do you need a permit for a dumpster in the city of use, or does the city have any container size restrictions? We will try to point you in the correct direction to get the answers you need. We will cover the seven cities of the Hampton Roads, VA area as well as Yorktown, VA and Williamsburg, VA which is our immediate coverage area – however, we will travel with our open air containers to wherever refuse management is needed. Have you ever been searching online dumpster rentals near me, and you just get flooded with rent our containers websites with no real useful local information? Well, we are trying to change all that!

COVID-19 UPDATE: We strongly encourage you to follow these links and then call your local city or county to see if they are open for walk-ins. Some cities and counties have gone to an online permit registration.
Check out these links, then check with your local government and give us a call. Ok, let’s jump right in!

We hope you find these sites helpful. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at KT’s Disposal and we will get you all set up with the correct open air container for your waste management needs. We can be reached for information or to rent a dumpster near you at 757-723-5811 or