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Meet the Tidewater Express Inc team section of our website is a new way for you to get to know our shop technicians, road service technicians, office staff and tow truck drivers. This blog post team member spotlight features our Chief Administration Officer, Shannon Elerick.

Meet the Team - Shannon Elerick

Shannon Elerick has been with Tidewater Express Inc since December of 2015, and works out of the Tidewater Express Truck Repair shop and corporate office in Hampton. Shannon was first hired at TEI in the accounting department to handle some of the day-to-day general accounting tasks. In just a short amount of time, our owner and President realized what an asset Shannon was and she was quickly promoted through the Tidewater Express ranks to hold one of our three upper management positions. Shannon leads all aspects of accounting at TEI, and as our CAO helps shape our financial future. Also, you may be wondering if we’ve been meaning to type Higgins…well – at the time of writing this blog Shannon has just gotten married!!! Feel free to drop her a congrats email or phone call!

Check out some of Shannon’s quotes to our TEI team member Q&A….


Favorite part of working TEI?

Definitely the people I work with! Just take a look at the photo of me and my bridal party. There are two current TEI and one former employee!!

What gives you energy?

Coffee. It used to be soda, but I don’t drink soda anymore. So coffee – with plenty of french vanilla creamer!

Favorite music artist/band or song?

I like all kinds of music, but I have to go with 80s music as my go-to. My wedding playlist was just about half 80s music and half country!

Favorite pizza topping?


Shannon, along with our President, Chief Process Officer and Chief Operation Officer comprise our senior leadership team. They come together to guide the Tidewater Express team towards its professional goals. Stay tuned here for more ‘Meet the Tidewater Team’! In the meantime, for all of your truck repairs, towing and recovery services, collision repair services, auto body paint or oversized hauling needs don’t hesitate to reach out to Tidewater Express Inc. Your Hampton Roads, VA area go-to towing and recovery company.