Meet the Team – Robin Shuffler

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The meet the team of Tidewater Express Inc. section of our website is a new way for you to get to know our diesel mechanics, shop technicians, road service technicians, office staff and tow truck drivers. This blog post team member spotlight features one of our Wrecker Driver, Robin Shuffler.

Meet the Team - Robin Shuffler

Robin Shuffler has been part of the Tidewater Express team for the past 15 years, and is one of our many talented tow truck Wrecker Driver based out of the Hampton truck repair shop. Robin has worn almost as many hats that Tidewater Express has to offer. Way, way back in the day Robin started with TEI working as a diesel mechanic in the shop. Then when he wanted a bit more excitement…and crazier hours….he switched up roles to take over as the nighttime on-call Road Service Technician. Unfortunately, Robin then switched up to be out of the Tidewater Express family – but fortunately, he couldn’t stay away for long! Robin returned to serve as one of our lead wrecker drivers, the position he still holds to this day as he trains and guides the new wave of drivers. When Robin isn’t saving the day in one of our tow trucks, you might be able to find him on a dance floor in his light up sneakers teaching a new wave of dancers the “Electric Boogie” (aka “The Electric Slide” for all you youngsters out there)!

Check out some of Robin’s quotes to our TEI team member Q&A….


Favorite part of working TEI?

I really like working for the Pelfrey family. It’s why I came back, you don’t find what we have here out there anywhere else. We also get to work at the track (Langley Speedway) and the Day of Destruction events are my favorite.

Biggest challenge working out on the road?

Just like my other driver friends, we always ask that you move over and slow down. I’m on call to serve the public and when they call, I go but help us out by being safe.

Favorite music artist/band or song?

Country in my truck. Always.

Favorite pizza topping?

Pepperoni. No question.

Robin is just one of our talented Wrecker Drivers here at Tidewater Express Inc. Stay tuned here for more ‘Meet the Team’! In the meantime, for all of your truck repairs, towing and recovery services, collision repair services, auto body paint or oversize hauling needs don’t hesitate to reach out to Tidewater Express Inc. Your Hampton Roads, VA area go-to towing and recovery company.